A Friendly Kind of Adventure

DSC_0606-2 copy

I like to think of summer as one big adventure and I try to do something fun with the kids each and everyday, but some days the fun is just a little bigger and better. This time I picked a destination that we had never been to and invited some friends to come along. Luckily our friends were happy to do whatever I said, I think her words were “This is your show.” 

So, our destination became De Leon Springs State Park. A cute state park that I had seen on another friend’s blog about a year ago. There are fresh water springs (think swimming hole with clear water that feels seriously like ice water), beauty all around and a cute little restaurant where they make you cook your own food and pay them for it! It was so much fun!


All you can eat pancakes! They were so yummy. We knew you cooked your own pancakes but Abbey ordered an egg and toast breakfast, and she asked me if she had to cook her own eggs. Surely not. (I ordered some too) and when our food came they brought us a bowl with 4 eggs that we had to crack and cook to our liking. She even cooked her own toast on the skillet (which was the best toast ever). The only thing they cooked for us was the bacon.

Here is what our cooking surface looked like:


Natalie loved flipping the pancakes.


And Bella loved eating them!


The little restaurant is in an old sugar mill. This is what it looks like outside. Crazies included.

DSC_0609 copy 

After a swim in the ice cold springs we decided to paddle boat down the river.

DSC_0617 copy

The older girls wanted Ethan with them. This plan worked well for a while but then mid-paddle we had to swap passengers, glad we didn’t see gators just lots of jumping fish. Oh, and who knew paddle boating was such a work out. My legs were burning.

DSC_0621 copy DSC_0627 copy

The only sad part of our adventure is that our cars only hold 7 people and in total we had 8, so we had to part ways and drive by our lonesome’s home. It was such a fun day, and a lot of fun for a $6 entrance fee to a state park. Who needs expensive amusement parks? Well, okay I like those too.

This day was just another example of why I love Florida, fun things to do are all around…and fun friends too.

DSC_0612 copy


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