Summer 2012

DSC_0355 copy


There are just a few hours before the school bells ring and all 3 of my kids begin the 2012-2013 school year. I will talk more about that in my back to school post. But tonight is the closing ceremonies of summer (had to say it that way b/c of the Olympics). I was going to have some great last day of summer picture, but it rained all day yesterday so we didn’t do anything but be lazy, so I decided to pick my favorite picture of all 3 of them from this summer. And to end the summer I thought I would kind of recap our accomplishments in these short 10 weeks. (I THINK I did somewhat the same thing when the girls finished school and if I didn’t do it that way I at least thought about it.) So here, in no particular order, and without naming who accomplished what, is


– spent 10 days on the beach

– spent 12 days at a water park

– spent approximately 80 hours in the car as a family, traveling across 8 states and from one end of Florida to the other

– saw every member of our families (as in Anthony’s and my growing up families)

– visited old friends

– cuddled new babies

– made new friends

-swam in 7 different pools, each multiple times

– swam in 1 fresh water springs

– went paddle boarding

– learned to boogie board

– saw 5 movies in the theater

– ate lots of Mexican Food

– read through Harry Potter 5 (well almost, I think she’s in the 500’s of book 5)

– learned to swim

– learned the backstroke, breast stroke and butterfly

– bought a piano

– learned to crochet

– baked cinnamon rolls with friends

– ran in sprinklers

– stayed up past midnight with cousins

– ate ice cream for lunch

– had cookies and popcorn for dinner

– watched the sunset in the western Oklahoma sky

– camped in our living room

– saw manatees in the wild

-turned 4

– rain approximately 120 miles

– said good bye to friends

-watched the sunset on the gulf coast

In my mind summer is kind of magical. And a small tear is shed each time one ends, but at the same time I am excited for my kids to start school tomorrow. I love the new adventure that school brings. Its exciting to see each of their reactions to it, and especially see how excited Ethan has been. So, good bye summer 2012. You were great. Thanks for the memories.


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