First Day of School 2012-2013

DSC_9830 copy

Today was a big day. The first day of school for all THREE of our kids.

DSC_9704 internet copy

Can you tell he was excited?

DSC_9710 internet  copy

Ethan started Pre-K (or as they call it here VPK). He goes everyday for 3 hours to the same school that the girls do. He has been asking about school starting since it ended last year. He has the best teacher. She was Natalie’s Pre-K teacher and we really love her. I had thought of taking Ethan to another Pre-K that went for full days 2 days a week, but I knew we had to have this teacher.

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He was all smiles this morning, and I could tell he felt like such a big boy. He kept telling me that he promised he’d be good and listen to his teacher. I told him if he kept that promise I would take him to McDonald’s for lunch.

DSC_9732 internet copy

Bella started 3rd grade this year. Its hard to believe it, time seems to have passed so quickly. When she was in Pre-K we lived in Oklahoma and Ethan was just a few weeks old. And now? Well, see for yourself, she just looks too grown up.

DSC_9740 internet copy

Third grade is a big deal for Bella. Her classroom is upstairs, which she has been excited about all summer. She will learn cursive this year (although with how electronic we are these days that seems a tad useless, but she’s excited) and she will begin taking the FCAT test in the spring. From what I’ve heard from other mom’s the move from 2nd to 3rd grade is a big jump as far as expectations go. But, I have no doubt Bella can handle it.

DSC_9748 copy

DSC_9744 internet copy

Natalie started 1st grade today. She has almost been as excited about school as Ethan. A few weeks ago she asked me how long it would be before school would start. I answered “3-4 weeks, I can’t remember.” And she replied, “I REALLY hope its 3! I can’t wait!” I am excited to see how she grows and develops this year. It seems like Bella really grew up in 1st grade. I am interested to see if Natalie does the same.

DSC_9772 internet copy  DSC_9768 copy 

Last night we thought all 3 kids were sound asleep for over an hour when suddenly Natalie was in the living room telling us she was too excited and she couldn’t sleep. I really hope she stays as excited about school through the coming years.

DSC_9780 internet copy DSC_9793 internet copy 

This next picture is my favorite of the morning. I think I said something funny.

DSC_9806 internet copy

As we left for school the kids were all giddy and excited. But I am embarrassed to say, well not so embarrassed that I am not sharing it, that while driving the song “Firework” came on. The kids love that song so they asked that I turn it up loud. As we were singing it I guess I thought of what we were doing (dropping all my babies off at school) and what it was saying (if you haven’t stopped to read the words, do…although I always think the plastic bag part is a bit odd) and how it sort of really applied to today in a cheesy sort of way. And in that same cheesy sort of way I may have shed a tear or two.  I just think my kids are so incredibly awesome and I really want them to go to school with confidence and do well and show everyone how awesome they truly are. (All the while being humble about it too of course.)I am sure it is a feeling every parent can understand. But I still felt silly crying (although it was very brief) to a Katie Perry song. Luckily the kids had no idea.

DSC_9832 internet copy

Once we got to the school the girls were ready to show Ethan the ropes.

DSC_9859 copy DSC_9865 copy

He is lucky to have good big sisters.


Ethan was so excited to get to his classroom and get to work.


When he finished coloring he thought he had to turn in his work. I had to explain to him that it was just something to do while the teacher got everyone signed in and settled for the first day.


I left him here. Sitting on the story rug. He didn’t even care that I left, which makes me both happy and sad.


We then dropped off Natalie in the hallway outside her class. She said she had gotten a bit nervous but she knew (and I knew) she would be just fine.


Bella gets the most nervous of the kids. Although it only takes her a day or two to get over it. She asked me to walk her into her classroom, but she was ready to work before I left.

And then I was alone. I ran errands, but I was done and ready to pick Ethan up an hour before I needed to be. I am sure I’ll be better at using all my time eventually. Today he was all I could think of. And when I picked him up his teacher told me he was “perfect” and he had lots to say about his big day. So we went to McDonalds as promised, and he made sure I didn’t forget I had also promised him a chocolate shake.

I think its going to be a great year!


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