Making Them Feel Special

My mom came to visit this past week. In fact, she is still here for another hour and right now is watching Ethan play Mario Cart. Cheering him on, and laughing when he’s silly.

This entire visit I have been reminded of how much she loves us and my love for her has grown because I have watched her take the time to make each of my children feel special individually and collectively. I will admit the idea to designate an afternoon to each one of the kids individually was my idea. However, she really went with it and allowed each of the kids to decide what they wanted to do with her and really went out of her way to make them feel special.

Kids need to feel special and loved, and the more adults who take the time to do so in their life the better. She has always done this but I think my girls especially are getting old enough to really understand and remember the way that their Grandma made them feel, and I think they made some memories with her this week that they will always remember.

The first afternoon went to Natalie. Her birthday is a week from tomorrow so since Grandma wouldn’t be here to celebrate with her then we pretended it was on her afternoon. We had lunch at Crispers and then headed over to a paint your own pottery place where Natalie got to pick out whatever she wanted and then her and Grandma designed and painted it. (I think I will do a whole other post about this process later.)

This was my favorite picture from that afternoon:

DSC_0262 internet copy

The next day belonged to Ethan. His included a lunch at McDonalds and then since he had wanted to paint so badly the day before I remembered I had a model car kit at home so he and Grandma painted it and then put it together.

DSC_0305 copy internet

Last was Bella. She had a hard time figuring out exactly what she wanted to do. We ended up at lunch at Chipotle and then off to window shop – which included her trying on and modeling for us for about 45 minutes. After the shopping we ended her afternoon at her favorite cupcake shop, Sweet. And, or course, she had her favorite – red velvet. But the day before her afternoon with Grandma she and Grandma had worked together to make a campaign poster for her run for class representative for Student Counsel. Then the next day she and Grandma spent an hour wrapping gum sticks with new labels to pass out to her class after her speech. I think the fact that Grandma took the time to be interested in and help her with that really made her feel extra special.

DSC_0396 copysq internet

So while we are sad that she is leaving this afternoon (Natalie had a break down last night and made her promise that next time she brings Grandpa too) we are happy to have the memories and to have shared the time together. Thank you mom, I love you. Come again soon!


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