Good Citizen (Times TWO!)

At our Elementary school they have a Guidance program where  one character a month is taught to the students. Then at the end of each month there is a celebration which honors the students who best exemplify that character trait in each class as nominated by their teacher.

A few weeks ago Bella told us that her teacher lets her class recommend to her who they think ought to be sent to the celebration, although her teacher gets final say. She said that her classmates recommended her to her teacher so she thought she might be picked. I was proud of her, especially that her classmates thought she ought to get to go.

Then a few days later Bella and Natalie came off the bus giggling about something. When I asked what they were giggling about they both handed me letters from the Guidance teacher telling me that they had been selected by their teachers to attend the character celebration for September for being good citizens!  Both girls have attended a celebration before, but never the same one!

It was fun to get to go and sit with both of them and hear both their names be called. Even better, Daddy surprised them that morning. He had been scheduled for a hearing that morning, but it canceled so he was able to come!

DSC_1333 copy

Natalie receiving her award, and then below all the 1st graders who received the award.

DSC_1347 DSC_1338 copy

Bella receiving her award, then below all the 3rd graders who received the award as well.


This last picture is the girl’s and their principal, Mrs. Finkelstein.

DSC_1353 copy


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