I happened to see that there was a Florida Resident deal going on at Gatorland so we decided to make it part of our spring break.

We had a really great time. We learned some about gators, saw some huge ones (Chester the dog eating gator!), creepy ones and plenty of other animals as well.

When we bought our tickets they offered for us to buy the opportunity to sit on a real gator and have a picture taken. We didn’t think the kids would want to do it so we passed up the offer then. However, when we got to the gator wrestling show Ethan wanted to do it. We decided if he was going to be that brave then we should let him do it. He was so excited.


To our surprise the girls wanted to do it too!


One of the favorite things we found there was a “bird room.” Basically a room where birds roamed free, you could feed them and they just landed on you – wherever.

As we were walking down to another exhibit we happened to notice a few peacocks in a corner. We stopped to watch and waited for one to turn around so we could see its colors.

We had lots of fun at Gatorland!



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