Inspiration, Motivation and a Birthday

This past Thursday as I was walking through the house something caught my eye. It caught my eye enough for me to pull out my cell phone and take a picture of it.

bella room

It was Bella’s room. My now 10, almost 11-year-old. At first glance it is a tween’s room. The signs of any remaining childhood are become less and less in here. But, what caught my eye today sat dead center on her bed. Buddy Bear. She received him for her first birthday from her Aunt Jeri. She loved him then and called him “Bu Bear” because at that age she couldn’t pronounce Buddy. The fact that she still loves him now is one of my favorite things about her because just like her room when you look at her the signs of any remaining childhood is diminishing quickly. So quickly it hurts.

DSC_2032 internet copy


Snapping that picture of her room, then posting it to Facebook sent me on a search for a picture of her and Buddy Bear from 10 years ago. It sent me to a blog I used to update frequently. I never did locate the picture I wanted because it turns out it was taken before my blogging years. But the search resulted in my spending a good hour reading through posts and realizing how much of my children’s younger years I had already forgotten. I was suddenly so grateful for that blog that I had seemingly long since forgotten.

But really what it did was both inspire and motivate me. It inspired me to start again. It inspired me to live more thoughtfully and to record my thoughts. It motivated me to make a goal to keep it going. I am motivated because I don’t want to forget things. I want to remember that Ethan used to scream every time we prayed, I want to remember that Natalie slept with a banana, and I want to know what Isabella prayed for when she was two. And just because they’re not tiny and always with me now doesn’t mean there aren’t stories that I will forever treasure. I am all too aware that this phase of our life with children in our home is temporary and it is a phase of life I want recorded.

So are you thinking…but what does this have to do with a birthday? Well, today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. I had been thinking all week that for her birthday I should finally pull out my big camera and get the pictures I took this summer off and at least send her one of all her grand-kids…b/c it was now over 2 months ago and I’ve been that lame. That would be a great birthday gift, right?

DSC_1887 internet copy

DSC_1898 internet copy

DSC_1896 internet copy


There you go. Happy Birthday.

I love you more than waiting 2 months to get a picture to you that you asked for. Unfortunately sometimes our amount of love doesn’t come through in our actions. But, you know that me starting to blog again means me taking more pictures again…which in truth was another inspiration/motivation for it all. Happy Birthday.


One comment

  1. Naomi Hattaway · September 7, 2014

    Our motivation doesn’t always match our actions either … but I say we keep striving towards our goals! Love that you’re blogging again!

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