Back to Blogging – Back to School

Since I am officially back to blogging I thought I’d start with back to school. It was the last thing I posted before going on a full year hiatus so it seems very appropriate.


DSC_2070 copy


I love back to school. 

(I love summer too.)

New back packs, new clothes, new opportunities, and new challenges. I thrive on this stuff. I’m not saying I do well with all of it. For instance, day 2 there were homework tears (Day.Two.). Can’t say I loved that. But the opportunity for growth and new challenges are exciting for me. 

This year is a bit sad for me though. Its the last year my three will all be in the same school. 

DSC_2057 internet copy



Bella is now in 5th grade and that means next year she’s off to middle school. Then before Ethan ever makes it there she will be off in high school. Times are changing. 

But for now I’ll enjoy knowing that the three of them are together. It makes me smile to think that big sisters are around to watch out for little brother, or that little siblings are there to cheer on big sister when she’s on the school’s daily news program, and that little waves (or quite possibly some ignoring) happen in the hallways when siblings see siblings. But, best of all I just have one time for drop of and one time for pick up, and if I need to get them out of school it’s a one stop thing. 

DSC_2072 internet copy2

I am hoping for a s-l-o-w year.

(Stay tuned for a post about what each one is up to this year as the week goes on.)



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