Middle Comes First

DSC_2037 internet copy

I decided to start in the middle because, why not? Middle children rarely get to go first.

Before I go any further let me comment on the picture above and tell you something about Natalie. Natalie is a perfectionist in almost everything she does. This produces some anxiety in her and at times make its difficult for me to relate to her. But look at the picture above, see the one strand of hair that hangs across her face? I love that my perfectionist child almost always has one strand of hair hanging completely out of place.

10 Facts about Natalie the 3rd grader:

1. She has now moved upstairs at school. This is a big deal to her.

2. Her teacher’s name is Scapicchio….think Pinocchio when you say it.

3. Her favorite subject: SCIENCE

4. She is still playing piano.

5. She is joining the Recorder Ensemble at school.

6. She loves STEM activities.

7. She is having a bit of a time adjusting to the expectations of 3rd grade. Homework should not take that long…but I know she will adjust.

8. She loves school.

9. She is a “friend magnet”. People naturally love her.

10. Her current favorite TV show: Studio C from BYU Channel and Merlin

What I love about Natalie now is that she is still my little girl and is still very happy to be that. She is the child that snuggles up to me when she needs to feel loved but also snuggles up to me when she can tell I need to feel loved. She is very observant to the needs of those around her and that includes both her dad and me.¬†Natalie is a smart girl, she thinks very thoroughly through everything and doesn’t make a decision until she is good and ready. She is constantly teaching me as I observe her. I love this girl!

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