Look Out 1st Grade

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Ethan is 6. Ethan is now a 1st grader. This kid is amazing, crazy, wild, stubborn and sweet all wrapped into one. 

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10 Facts about Ethan the 1st Grader:

1. Ethan’s favorite subject(s): Science, Art, and P.E. 

2. He also loves music…(he kind of really just loves it all but he says, “I don’t like Math that much because it takes forever to finish.”)

3. His teacher’s name is Mrs. Lozzi. 

4. His classroom is decorated in Frogs.

5. Ethan is starting soccer this year. (This will require its own post.)

6. Ethan is fully able to read now but, he isn’t as into it as his sisters were.

7. Ethan loves to get non-fiction books about animals, vehicles and space. 

8. Ethan wants to be a “worker in a lab” when he grows up.

9. He has terrible hand writing. This is the way I see it – Left handed + boy who can’t sit still = Bad hand writing.

10. Ethan’s favorite TV show: Lab Rats and Merlin

Ethan lives life to the absolute fullest. I wish I had his energy.

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