9 Years Ago Today – Part 2

DSC_2288 internet copy

September 24, 2005 – 9 years ago today was a lazy Saturday. Hurricane Rita had hit land in Texas. (This is an important factor of the day even though we lived in Oklahoma.) That evening I went with my mom to a church broadcast for women. I ate a dinner of lasagna, salad, rolls and dessert. Food is important for a 9 month pregnant woman and this meal would make an impact on the day to come. That evening during the broadcast my mom and I giggled as we watched my stomach move in all sorts of ways. A foot here, an arm there, high and low – it was entertaining to say the least.

I went home and gave Anthony a really bad hair cut. I may have even cut his ear.

We had no idea what would arrive before morning.

DSC_2240 internet copy

DSC_2297 internet copy DSC_2299 internet copy DSC_2298 internet copy DSC_2310 internet copy DSC_2303 internet copy DSC_2301 internet copy DSC_2302 internet copy

DSC_2305 internet copy

DSC_2313 internet copy

DSC_2314 internet copy

DSC_2249 internet copy


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