One Cool Nana

Yesterday at 4:30 PM me and 3 very sad kids drove away from the airport. We had just left Nana there to go back to Texas after 6 days of being with us. Other than the first year and a half of Bella’s life we have not lived near Nana. However, since then (a total of about 9.5 years) she has made every effort to visit often and be a very important presence in our children’s lives. And her visits are so fun because she is such a cool Nana, and here are the pictures to prove it.


Most of these pictures are from phone cameras. Like above. Who is cooler than a Nana that gets on and surfs with you?


Or the Nana who brings crazy eyes for everyone, including herself?


And she didn’t even forget the mustaches. See, she’s cool.


One thing that is cool about Nana is she always spends weeks before her visits on pinterest planning fun and seasonal things to do with the kids. My children are literally entertained from the moment she arrives until the moment she leaves. And THAT is cool in my book.


She won major cool points in Ethan’s book with these Minecraft paper projects.


And she brought so much washi tape the kids covered pumpkins with them.

So what can I do to repay her for her coolness? Well, the best I can do is take some fun pictures of the kids for her. So here they are….someday I hope to be as cool to my grandkids as she is.

DSC_2748 copy

DSC_2739 copy

DSC_2821 copy

DSC_2850 copy

And really, the kids don’t have to be sad long….Grandma comes next week.

(And she is cool in her own ways too!)


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