My Kids are SO Lucky

My kids have the BEST dad. Its an unquestionable fact. I have many and many stories that prove it.

I could share how his face lights up when any one of them walk in a room, or how he calls Ethan his “best bud”, or how he teases Natalie because she “hates” it – all the while knowing she actually likes it, or retell the story of Bella having a bad night and him coming to the rescue by taking her out to the book store and cheesecake. He always knows what to say, he always knows how to handle every situation, and he loves his children like nothing else.

But I think what proves it best has been the excitement that my girls have had this week to plan and carry out surprises and gifts for their Dad. A few weeks ago I worried I didn’t know what to do for Anthony for Father’s Day, but I haven’t had to worry, they’ve planned it all. I think its even cuter that they didn’t have the help of planned projects from school – what they have done is all on their own because they think their “Dad deserves the best day ever!” (Their words not mine, but I agree.)

Our celebration will be by no means extravagant, it will be simple, but I hope he feels loved, appreciated and admired – because he is.

DSC_0901 copy2

(This is my recent favorite “Dad” picture. I took it over a month ago during their first arm wrestling contest, but have been saving it to post on specifically for Father’s Day. A lot can be seen in this picture about him as a Dad, and (in this case) Ethan’s love for him. I think it will be a forever favorite picture. And I think it deserves a frame in my home

– just need to decide where it should go.)


This is how we’re feeling today…

DSC_2518 internet copy

There WERE a few tears (or “water in their eyes” as they say when they’re trying to make you think they are not crying) over saying goodbye to their teachers, but it was nothing that a little pool time couldn’t fix.

Goodbye school year…hello summer!

The School Year Comes to an End

As excited I am that school is ending and we get a break from the routine of the school year I am also very sad for the year to end. Our girls have both had excellent teachers this year that they have loved and both girls have mixed emotions about school ending tomorrow.

Last week as a favor to their teachers (and a way to capture the memories for myself) I offered to go into their classrooms and take some pictures of the entire class. We did group shots, individual shots, small groups, action shots, etc. I then turned them into a short slideshow for the teachers and their friends.

It was a fun little project. Time consuming, yes. But, I am so glad I did it, if for no other reason than I wanted the memories for myself.

Here is Natalie’s Class:

DSC_1929 DSC_2105 internet copy I was really hoping her teacher would move up with them to Kindergarten, but she is not. Natalie has been planning for about a week to give her teacher a big hug on the last day of school and tell her how much she’ll miss her this summer. I wonder if she might cry when she leaves her. She’s really loved her that much.

Now I am just hoping she’s still teaching Pre-K when Ethan goes in 2 years.

And here is Bella’s Class:

DSC_1770 internet copy DSC_1781 internet copy DSC_1845 internet copy DSC_2490 DSC_2500

I had a few more of Bella’s class because I actually went back today for the “End of Year” party too.

Anthony and I have been very impressed with Ms. Vazquez. She expects a lot from her students, she is very aware of their strengths and weaknesses and either helps elevate them if needed or encourages them to continue to grow. Bella loves her too, I’m almost positive she’ll shed a few tears as she says goodbye to her tomorrow, but hopefully the promise of a visit to the pool tomorrow and the beach on Friday will help ease the sadness.

Summer here we come – its just a few hours away…FINALLY!