School Open House

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Last night was the school open house. Normally this is a Mom job in our family. Both Anthony and I are very involved with the education of our children but I tend to be the one to take on the communication between parent and teacher. This year however, that became tricky as open house was on a Wednesday evening which is a night when both Anthony and I need to be at church by 7 pm. So we had to divide and conquer.

Anthony choose to go to Ethan’s open house presentation and I went to the girls. When Anthony and I met up afterwards he proudly handed me this star that had been on Ethan’s desk. I love the last sentence, “I am special to my Dad.” I love that he was the one to be there to first see this. Ethan is special to his Dad, and I have a hunch that his Dad is special to him too.

In Natalie’s open house presentation there were quizzes on the desk for us to take about our children. The kids had taken one too and then we were to compare our answers to theirs. One question was what was Natalie’s favorite movie. I left it blank for a long while and then finally just put a “?” in the space. When I opened up her answers she had a “?” mark there too. I guess I do know my child!

And just so I don’t leave her out there was one thing I thought was significant at Bella’s. When I walked in her teacher said to me, “You know I only meet parents for a brief moment at meet the teacher and I don’t know the kids yet so its easy to forget who is who. Open house is where I finally connect parents and children. But, I knew who you were right when you walked in because you look just like Bella.” I think that is the first time anyone has ever told me that. She made my day!


Little Red

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Today’s “everyday” came from Natalie trying on her Halloween costume. I tried my best to convince her NOT to wear this costume (I wanted to do a theme with all the kids) but she was adamant about it. I do love this costume, and I love that she wanted to wear it because her sister did. After all, its her turn, and all must be fair.


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Homework. It doesn’t get more everyday than this.

{P.S. “Everydays” is what I’m entitling my daily shots that I talked about reviving yesterday.}

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Can you tell how thrilled she is to do homework while her siblings play? I try to keep her away from where they are playing but she always ends up back wherever they are. Natalie says she doesn’t want to go to Kindergarten because she’s scared of homework.