Take 2

So I said my pictures of Ethan on Sunday have inspired an idea – a project. Just what a need is another project!

This week is somewhat clear in my schedule. Somewhat – like I said, I have projects. So I am trying to use this week to work on those as well as relax a bit. Today I decided to make it a “me” day – meaning I did what I wanted (okay, I still did laundry) at home instead of what I felt I had to. I relaxed, I made an easy dinner and I did a few pictures for this new inspiration/project I’ve come up with. After all its a personal project so it was perfect for today.

So here is what came of my “ME” day today:

DSC_7350 copy2

DSC_7348 copy  DSC_7367 copy2


Me and My Valentine

(correction ONE of my Valentines)

Growing up I was always so concerned with having a Valentine or not. I couldn’t wait until the day that I had a Valentine of my own – forever. But, I never realized that one day I would have more than one Valentine’s. But today I have 4. Anthony, Isabella, Natalie and Ethan. I am one lucky girl, that is for sure.

Yesterday Ethan had to stay home from church. There was a chance he might be sick, and a chance it was all a fluke. It turned out to be a fluke, so he and I spent the morning together having fun. And with a little candy I bribed him into a photo session with me. I like the results so much that it has inspired an idea that I was going to complete yesterday, but I severely underestimated the time I would have to complete it so it will have to wait for another day. Until then here is a few pictures of me and my littlest Valentine. I {heart} him!

DSC_7211 copy2 DSC_7220 copy DSC_7268 copy2

Keeping Me Busy

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been super busy and that THAT busy-ness was keeping me from blogging here. What is all this busy-ness? Well, at the beginning of the year I made a goal for myself to really make a run for it with my photography as a business. I had started to try this back in Oklahoma and then stepped back after moving, only doing a few things here and there until this fall. With this goal, or as part of it, I needed to do some things to make some parts of my business more uniform and planned out. This included coming up with and designing packaging and other details that aren’t always thought about, or even noticed, but seem to make the whole thing run smoother for both me and my clients.

While doing this I decided it was time to finally buy a domain name and begin a site. Right now the site is still just a blog, but the rest is coming. It was time to leave blogger behind in exchange for my own .com. So my photography blog is now found at – http://www.itreasurephotography.com. Check it out if you haven’t already from my facebook posts and pass it along! (please)

On top of doing those things I’ve had a fairly busy and successful month in January (go figure I was planning on a slow month). I did more than 1 session a week, have made some really fabulous contacts and have had great opportunities for exposure. This is great for me, I feel super blessed and I am beyond thrilled. But I am trying to figure out how to balance it all!

Then while I’ve been brainstorming, designing, creating, ordering, assembling,, scheduling, shooting and editing it also became time to POTTY TRAIN!

What can you do? Motherhood – and a 2 year old showing interest in the potty won’t wait. Thankfully in the past 2 days he has made huge progress that makes me THINK (cross my fingers, and toes while I’m at it) that we’re almost to the end of this process. And if not, I’m armed with a bag full of suckers of encouragement. I’ve never been a reward oriented potty trainer, but this time I did it – not on purpose, it just happened, and it seems to be working. I just need to be certain that when he’s 5 and he goes he still doesn’t expect a sucker. 🙂

Sorry, no pictures – but I promise a fresh picture filled post before the weekend is out.